- EFI™ VUTEk® 5r+ UV Printer.

- EFI 3M™ SuperRange XF inks.

- 7 Colours (CMYKcmk) plus white.

- UltraDrop™ Technology 1200dpi.

- 1.6m width, single piece, no joint.

- Material are all made in China,

  Taiwan & Germany with fire 

  retardant certificate available 

  for most of them.

Paper & Sticker / 160cm

  • 4ft x 10ft = 100 sq/ft.

    1.220m x 3.050m x 10.76 = 100 sq/ft.


    * Kindly round off to the nearest sq/ft

      and input the total sq/ft into the

      Quantity box above.


    * Price exclude colourproof, trim.

     and any other requirements etc.

  • Kindly email the artwork to 


    with your order's number and 

    any other additional requirements.