Christian Dior

Our Production and Creative Teams worked hand in hand to produce such an intricate set up for Christian Dior. From laser cutting to installation, we are pleased to bring Niki de Saint Phalle's concept to life in this Window Display for Summer 2018.


Did we just hear somebody roar?! Moncler's playful and eccentric character is demonstrated in this Window Display featuring these White Bears for Fall/Winter 2016. Now who's up for a bear hug?


Money cannot buy happiness, but you can certainly buy a bike and that's pretty close! Especially with Fendi wheels and bag and dress and heels.. oh the list is just endless!


Strolling down a brick road under the stars with the love of your life is just as timeless as the iconic Hermes. But then again, just walking down any road, in any occasion with an Hermes on your arm would already be a classic!


There's something about organic forms that soothe you. It must be the free flow of the fashion, after all, don't we all just desire to be free and hovering through space and time? Thank you Longchamp Vegetal Formes, you captured those emotions well!


Don't we all just love the nostalgic factor of cassette tapes? Thank you, MCM for bringing us that vibe in this Autumn/Winter 2018 display. Because some of us still remembers how rolling a cassette tape with a pencil brings so much happiness!